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    Business Ethics - Misleading Advertising

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    Sometimes communications to the public can be misleading or do not provide complete information.

    In a summary, describe an advertisement that was misleading and did not provide complete and honest information about the product or service. Your example can be from print, television, radio, or the Internet. It can be local, national, or international. Summarize how its deception could have been harmful. Recommend an action that would deter this type of activity in the future.

    (Roughly 2 paragraphs for response)

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    One of the most highly contested advertisements of the 21st century has been the ads and commercials ran by tobacco companies implying that "light" cigarettes are a safer option based on their lower tar and nicotine levels than other types of cigarettes on the market. This is a claim that has been directly disputed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The NCI stated that the "light" designation on cigarettes is a false claim by tobacco companies and cite research and studies that show no health benefits over choosing lights as compared to non-light brand cigarettes (MasterFile, ...

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    By using the example of cigarettes in advertising, this 345 word solution discusses how the advertisement was misleading and harmful, and how this can be prevented in the future. One reference is included.