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    Tasks and sub tasks in business statistical research

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    Using the outcomes from the attached essay and powerpoint, make recommendations regarding this business research issue or opportunity based on your findings. I'm only using this as an example because in Sept. I'll need to know how to make one of these on a subject chosen by my teacher!

    Then, develop an action plan based on your recommendations to management.

    List at least three major tasks on your action plan, and at least three sub-tasks under each of the major tasks. ( I need 6 tasks & sub-tasks but I only need you to do 3 of each, please).

    Your action plan should include in table format or in a Gantt chart the following:
    ? Column One: Tasks and subtasks
    ? Column Two: Beginning and ending dates of tasks and sub tasks
    ? Column Three: Person responsible
    ? Column Four: Additional resources needed (if any)
    ? Column Five: Possible barriers to completing the tasks/sub-tasks
    ? Column Six: Benchmarking used to determine that the tasks/subtasks have been completed. Descriptive statistics should be used for the benchmarking.
    If a Gantt chart is used, be sure to address benchmarking as indicated in Column Six separately.

    Add resources also please, if used.

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    I would pick as my tasks, finding the most reliable information on individual vehicle gas mileage. Since there are so many that are "true" but drivers find this not true with their vehicle, this is important to the project. So you will be looking for the data most important to your question, gas mileage as stated above.

    The sub task is to find the type of vehicle you will find most useful to the business. Do you need cars, trucks or vans? A mixture?

    The second task is to use data to find the best possible financing options for the vehicles you must buy. This will allow you to make the best deals because you have the information before the purchase process begins. Negotiations are ...

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    A list of tasks and subtasks drawn from the research data provided.