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Research methods, qualitative and quantitative

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!) Why should you question the motivation of the sources of secondary research?

2) What are the differences between quantitative and qualitative data? Then what are two or three examples of each?

3) Please provide 2 different sources of secondary data.

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The motivation of secondary sources can be very different from your own. Secondary sources often are looking for specific answers or worse, no real answers, just overall information. The US government uses surveys and census questionnaires to gather all kinds of information, a lot of it for possible future use and without any specific direction. How many people of each ethnicity prefer to live in a rural environment, suburbs, urban areas, etc. Now those answers can mean anything since there is little direction in terms of living conditions, education opportunities, housing prices, parks. So the information is nice to have, but not really useful. Also the questionnaire can be directed at ...

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A discussion on secondary resources for research and why they may or may not be useful. Also the differences between qualitative and quantitative research is discussed and examples given along with a secondary resource review of a couple of places to find these necessary resources.