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    Employee Discipline

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    Many times employers are faced with the issue of having to discipline their employees for one issue or another. Outline at least 2 different areas that an employer may need to discipline its employees. Discuss possible types of discipline that may be instituted by the employer.

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    Employers are faced with the issue of having to discipline their employees in many different ways. Employees may arrive late to work, fail to meet deadlines, or fail to produce results. There are also situations in which employees are unpleasant, in spite of being good workers. It is costly to recruit, hire and train new employees so working with existing employees to get the necessary results is crucial. A general point about managing employees is that typically everyone in the department or organization is aware of issues with various employees, and not taking action serves as a way to demotivate the staff. Managers must manage their employees' behavior and results. It is important that rules and expectations are clearly communicated to staff, and the consequences for breaking the rules clearly understood.

    An employee warning system is a reasonable form of discipline, and should be implemented in a predictable, logical sequence. If an employee is consistently coming to work late, other people notice. They start to talk about it, lamenting that they come to work on time, and it is not fair that employee x gets away with tardiness. Resentment builds, and tardiness may spread to less conscientious employees, if action is not taken. In the event a ...

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    This detailed solution provides areas which an employer may need to discipline its' employees, and possible types of discipline that may be instituted.