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Question about Nonpunitive Discipline

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Define nonpunitive discipline and outline the process for applying nonpunitive discipline to gain employees' acceptance of company rules.

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Nonpunitive discipline is a type of discipline that technically does not use any form of discipline. This form of discipline can also be described as positive discipline. This type of discipline is characterized many times when dealing with children and the ways that parents discipline their children. In the workforce, nonpunitive discipline encourages employees and offers them incentives to change their current attitude in their behaviors.

Traditionally, discipline has been viewed as punitive: managers use their positions of authority to coerce employees into changing conduct or job performance. "Progressive" discipline meant that employees typically were treated with increasingly severe punishments until they altered their behavior, or else they were discharged. In reaction to punitive disciplinary actions, employees may actively or passively resist changing, or eventually quit. (4) In ...

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