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Information and communication technologies have created more freedom and opportunity for managment but also many more problems

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Information and communication technologies have created more freedom and opportunity for managment but also many more problems


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Information is one of the key resources to have for a successful future. But contrary to earlier times it is not any more the simple possession of data, but more and more the ability to deal with an incredible information overload. The knowledge of how to find and get the right data as quick as possible is almost more important than the pure value of information itself.
The reason for this development lies in the evolution of new information technologies. "Internet" or "Information Superhighway" have become one of the trendiest and most discussed issues in recent times. It seems like everybody tries to jump at the bandwagon in fear of missing the train right into the twentieth century.
But the growing number of users, information consumers and suppliers, is strengthening this effect even more. The result is availability of nearly every thinkable information within a keystroke, as soon as the user found its way through huge piles of totally useless junk.
While information technology is growing rapidly, the exponentially growing number of user is increasing the availability of information even more. As a result, the value of information is going down. The amount of data offered actually can turn from the status of a good, to the status of a â??bad" - information overload has negative impacts on the whole sector.
Right now it is hard to tell, on which point of the time axis the current stage of development can be seen. On the one hand, we already deal with huge amounts ...

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