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    Impact of Advanced technology on employees

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    Produce a paper discussing a particular way that the New Economy is impacting management.

    Provide a title for your paper that clearly tells the reader what your paper is about, and be sure to cite and reference your sources.

    This should only require one or two pages to convey.

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    Impact of Advanced technology on employees

    World has become smaller and workplaces has become flexible due to advancement of technology. Modern communications technology provides the means to manage the most challenging issue or crisis situations. Internet is a powerful tool for strengthening relationships. The use of both Internet and intranet as tools is helping the organizations achieve its objectives.
    The most important benefit is of using the new breed of communication management technology is that it puts the full potential of the Internet as a communication tool in the hands of executives or communicators and removes control from technicians, Web programmers, and IT managers who understand technology but do not understand the communication demands of the instant news world. Through technology, the communication within the organization has become more effective. In addition, technology is also enhancing the organization's capabilities to produce their products in a better manner. As a result, organization can be more lean and cost-effective. But on the flip side it can also increase stress levels as advanced technology put more pressure on the organizations.
    The technology is enhancing the relationships among organization and its older employees. It can be used to orient new employees. It is helping to make employees more of "partners" and can function independently, take decisions independently, and work as a part of extremely high-powered, self sufficient teams, empowered to take their own decisions.

    It leads to a smaller, leaner staffs with a greater focus on marketing. It helps in transparent communications through the intranet and internet.
    Moreover the employees have personalized feedback and interaction with the top management. It reduces the gap in the organization, fosters creativity& innovation. It also reduces the cost of operations.
    Technology is hence a double-edged sword that enhances workplace productivity at the cost of increasing stress on workers. Sometimes people depend on technology too much and when the system goes down they stand around wondering what to do. People become to dependent on technology which can cause extra stress because at times they don't know how to do their job with out the latest technology.
    Impact on Marketing
    Now organizations can reach customer much more easily with the help of e technologies. Internet is helping in improving the ability to understand and meet changing global market requirements and the ever-changing customer requirements. Thus ecommerce is helping in enhancing the product's quality, reliability and ...

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