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Role of IT in a networked economy

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Make the case AGAINST the following claim: The move to the networked economy has fundamentally changed the role of IT in the organization and the way IT should be managed.

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At the macro level, a move to the networked economy may have fundamentally altered business models and business practices. In the IT space, this change in technology has had a dramatic impact on day-to-day work. But, contrast this with the impact the Internet has had on the CEO or any person in the top management for that matter. For them, the networked economy may just be another synonym for faster communications with colleagues, customers, and suppliers via electronic commerce and e-mail. The daily routine of a CEO has not changed radically by the creation or the adoption of Internet technology.

The move to the networked economy may have fundamentally changed the role of IT in an IT-based organizations (Ex. Amazon, e-bay). For ...

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The solution evaluates the role of economy in a networked economy

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