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Technology in business, changes and challenges

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What changes have you experienced in your job role recently as a result of technology, and how did you feel about those changes?

What are some trends related to technology that bring about challenges and uncertainty in many business sectors?

How does emerging technology challenge managers to change their management style?

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A discussion on how technology is changing businesses and challenging workers.

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1. One of the biggest changes is in the use of multiple integrated programs that allow me to follow not only the financial end of the company but also the operations. I am now using two programs that can integrate information. The suite is MS Office and of course documents are a big part of that. But the spreadsheets and workbooks are what we are mainly looking at using with the second program, Microsoft Project. This program allows me to focus on the tracking of jobs, making sure they are on time and target, both work process and budget. Before I was using Quickbooks and Excel to do the tracking. These are not programs that can be integrated. While my documents and database information can integrate with Excel, QB did not accept such changes or integration into its program. QB can convert some information to Excel and provide charts and spreadsheet information, but not for the updating of costs, hours used, and accept notes and task information. Neither of these programs we are using are new, but they have been updated in 2007 to make such integration and customization as I need to do, more ...

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