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FedEx on internal resistance to Technology Changes

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Preparedness of FedEx to deal with internal resistance to technology changes.

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Preparedness of FedEx to deal with internal resistance to technology changes

Fred Smith, the CEO of FedEx, wrote a paper on logistical challenges facing firms in the newly emerging information technology sector. He argued that companies could not afford to maintain large inventories of expensive spare parts for computers and other data processing machines. He concluded that a new system to move parts quickly through overnight, door-to-door delivery provided the solution.

The daily packages for FedEx were 186 in 1973 and rose to 3M packages in 1998. By 2008 packages delivered daily were eight million in 2008.

Internal resistance to technology changes in FedEx, as identified by Share (2011) are as follows:

? Reducing Change Resistance: Employees
"The most significant recent change at FedEx was a massive reorganization announced Jan. 19, 2000. The company consolidated ...

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This solution identifies how FedEx handles with internal resistance to technology changes.

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