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Brick and mortar vs. Online Retailing

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I am preparing a paper comparing online retailing and brick and mortar retailing. What I need is real life examples between those business models (like amazon.com v barnes and nobles).

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This detailed solution gives real life examples between brick and mortar and online retailing business models. It includes multiple links.

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Here are some examples:

Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble. Both offer books, however, Amazon offers a great deal more selection, including used books plus a book buy back program. In addition, by buying online you can get reviews of products and look at pages of the actual book. Plus no sales tax! And, often you get free shipping. And at Amazon.com you can buy a whole bunch more than books and ship to various addresses. Both have membership clubs (B &N through club, Amazon through credit card) to further discount books. Overall, Amazon has lower prices. Amazon also offers to alert customers when authors have new releases, or when items that are similar to those that have been purchased in the past are on sale.

buybacktext.net vs. college bookstore: The online options pay for return shipping, offer a way to compare prices from a wide range of retailers, and will give you a check or funds in paypal. It takes a trip to the shipping depot but it sure beats standing in line. And, for buying textbooks? Hello! Go online and get the lowest price possible. Forget the college bookstore unless it is an adopted text. Prices on campus are too high!

Drugstore.com vs. CVS: Again, the online version has more selection. CVS offers private label and a "member's only" savings card. Both have cheap prices on selected items. Both offer a selection of "add on" items. Both offer prescription medicine. CVS also offers flu shots, blood pressure monitoring. Plus, you can talk to a pharmacist about drug interactions, health needs, and get suggestions for ailments. And, if you are ill, CVS is a lot faster way to get relief! That said, drugstore.com gives ...

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