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    Online Branding Proposal for Premier Portraits

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    Based on all the attachments, write an online branding proposal for Premier Portraits. Your proposal should address at least the following points:

    Who specifically should Premier Portraits target for with the new branding message?
    What product should Premier Portraits really offering to this market?
    What value should the company's online presence deliver?
    What should the brand equity building focus on?
    What are the possible communications methods to use in order to achieve the brand equity the company desires.

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    Premier Portraits should focus on Possible Target 2 (Wealthy) and Possible Target 3 (upper mid). These two demographics were chosen because they can afford the high quality portraits that Premier Portraits produces, have lifestyles that would appreciate the portraits based on their lifestyle traits, and in addition, the combined market share is over 3% of households. In addition, since the wealthy are likely to have older children this category would be interested in having graduation and wedding portraits and family portraits completed, with the hope that these portraits would then generate additional portraits as the offspring go off on their own and have children of their own.

    The upper- mid income group would more likely have younger children to teenagers who offer another unique opportunity for portraits, as the children grow and develop. The specific online branding proposal will target the upper-mid income target group initially, knowing that these households are likely to develop into wealthy households (segueing ...

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    This solution is based on case study of Premier Portraits and a new online branding proposal. It includes target market, preferred product, value the online presence should offer, and the brand equity building the company should focus on. It also suggests possible communication methods to use in order to achieve the brand equity the company desires. It includes links and examples.