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Kudler Foods Compensation paper

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Now that you are done creating the different components of a compensation plan, it is time to make a recommendation to Kudler Food's for the development of it compensation plan.

The recommendation of Kudler Food's compensation plan will include the components of the following:
a) The job analysis using the job position and new job description.
b) The job design which includes the job based and person based assessment.
c) A discussion on the competitive compensation rates in the market.
d) Performance evaluation at each level within the organization.

Prepare a 2150 to 3000 word APA style paper that discusses how the components of the recommended plan helps Kudler achieve its new strategy. Describe the message that a compensation strategy conveys to the employees. Also recommend an administration approach for kudler's Human Resource Functions. This discussion should include how the recommended compensation plan will be carried out and implemented within the Kudler Foods organization.

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Recommendation for Kudler Fine Food Company

Kudler Fine Foods is known for its food stores. Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) in La Jolla is a gourmet fine food store. The company was founded by Kathy Kudler. The company is profitable, stable and successfully running the business. Heidi Wagner heads the Human resource department. The major responsibility of the HR is to align the administrative and human resource activities including employment, compensation, benefits and training and employee services. She needs to report to the president directly. It is found out that the company is not having an equitable salary compensation plan due to which the company may face difficulty in employee retention.
Job analysis
Job analysis plays a key role in designing and managing the performance appraisal system in an organization. It helps in identifying the key responsibility areas for a position and then setting the goals or objectives for the appraisal period. The Kudler Fine Food Company should conduct the job analysis in such a way that helps in the completion of all the activities related to the job. The different activities which should be performed by the Kudler Fine Food Company are:
 Collection of information for the job analysis.
 Determination of the job-specific competency.
 Developing a job description.
 Developing a job specification (Introduction to Human Resource Management, 2004).

Job positioning
The collection of tasks and duties, which will be assigned to the human resource at the Kudler Fine Food Company, should be specified by the job position. The category or the designation can be the same but the work of each and every individual must be different.
Job description
The job description describes in detail the various aspects of a job like the tasks involved, the responsibilities of the job and the deliverables. The compensation plan at Kudler Fine Food Company should be developed by following the given policies.
 The job responsibilities and the deliverables should be clear to each employee.
 The work environment of the job should be set up in advance.
 The scope and nature of the work, including all important relationships, should be indicated.
 The work and duties of the position should be clearly laid out.
 To show the kind of work, the degree of complexity, the degree of skills required, the extent to which the problems are standardized, the extent of workers' responsibility for each phase of work and the degree and type of accountability in more specific words such as analyze, gather, plan, confirm, deliver, maintain, supervise and recommended should be selected and used.
 Supervisory responsibility should be explained to the incumbents. Brief and accurate statements should be used (Introduction to Human Resource Management, 2004).
The formulation of a compensation plan depends on the job analysis. One of the crucial roles of the job analysis is in the development of the compensation packages. The compensation should be given to the employees by comparing the performance of the individual with the standard level of the performance. The relative worth of each and every job should be evaluated with the help of the job analysis. The worth of the job is one of the basic inputs in designing the compensation system.
Job design
Job design is the process of structuring work and designating the specific activities at individual or group levels. These work activities and the eventual work done have to contribute to the organizational objectives in the most effective and efficient manner. The job design for Kudler Fine Food Company should be based on the following characteristics:
 There should be flexibility in work schedules of pace of work.
 The job must be enriched with the variety and challenges in tasks.
 The job design should allow employee inputs. Employees should have flexibility in performing tasks according to personal needs, ...

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