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Human Resource Management

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Can you please assist me with

Using the job analysis table (Attached file) and the new strategy statement (Listed Below), to creates six job performance profiles. Discuss the approach used in analyzing each job and dividing that job into specific tasks.
? Also discuss how the compensation of each job aligns with the new strategy and will enhance performance.
? Include how Human Resources employs job analysis to implement organizational strategy.

New strategy statement
. Kudler Foods has developed and implemented a new customer service strategy that will enable associates of the grocery store to be considered front line customer service agents. This is in an effort to provide every customer with the highest level of customer service available

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//The term Performance profile of the job describes the set of standards to be achieved in the specific job. In this paper we will throw light on the performance profile of six job title which is concerned with Kudler Fine Food Company. In order to proceed with this, we will first give the brief introduction of the term performance profile which is discussed as follows. //

Performance profile

Performance profile describes that the performance standards need to be achieved by the hire. It is different from job description where the skills, duties, responsibilities and required experience are specified. Unlike that, the job performance profile basically lays down the required criteria to become successful in a particular job held by the person. (Adler, 2003). It also defines the desired results and derives the key processes to achieve those desired result. Now the performance profile for the six jobs is shown below.

//After the brief introduction of performance profile, now we will look upon the performance profile of each job title involve in the business of Kudler Fine Food. We will begin our study with performance profile of store manger, cahier and stock person. In this process we will associate standard target to each profile of job and prepare a performance profile.//

Performance Profile for Store manager

Store manger needs to supervise the store within the budget constraints.
The target specified for the sales employee should not be more than 90 days.
Customer complains and enquiry status needs to be updated within a week.
The price list of the product should be competitive and should vary in between the levels of 5 to 6% of the competitor prices.
Sales performance of the store should improve by 10- 15 percent within two months.
Performance profile for Cashier

Cash register must be reviewed twice in a day.
Every transaction should be recorded and balanced in electronic devices.
Provide entry of all the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1214 words with references.

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