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    Distribution System: Apple Inc

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    I had to choose an organization that creates products that are sold to other businesses and uses at least two different sales channels (the organization may or may not use any intermediaries) so I chose Apple, Inc.

    I need assistance with describing the organization, its target market, its competitive situation, and the products that it produces (does not have to be all the products. Discussion of only one particular product line is fine)

    Please classify and describe the multi-channel distribution system for the product line and assess the appropriateness of its design in relation to its desired service output levels (e.g., lot size, waiting time, spatial convenience).

    Explain how the distribution system does or could operate as an integrated logistics system (i.e., use of information technology to accomplish and/or coordinate such logistical processes as ordering, warehousing, inventory, shipping) and the benefits associated with that system strategy, or why an integrated logistics system doesn't make sense for the organization.

    Your response should be between 2-3 pages. I don't want a lengthy write up.

    Please provide references from academic journals or other scholarly sources and use intext citations.

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    The company is Apple Inc. This is an American multinational technology company that is headquartered in Cupertino in California. The company makes and sells electronic products for consumers, develops computer software, and provides other online services. Its products include iPhone smartphone, Mac personal computer, and iPod portable media player. Currently, Apple has 453 Apple retail stores in 16 countries. The company markets its products all over the world (1).

    The product we have selected is the iPhone which is a line of smart-phones that are developed and sold by Apple. iPhones were first sold in 2007 and the latest iPhones are 6S and 6S Plus models that were released in September 2015. The target market of Apple is teenagers who use its products to socialize, listen to music, or do social networking. The gaming apps of Apple also appeal to teenagers. The target market of Apple is customers ...

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