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Communicating Employee Feedback

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1. Describe the elements of the communication process. Give an example of each part of the model as it exists in the classroom during communication between teachers and students.
2. What communication channel would you select if you had to give an employee feedback about the way he mismanaged a call with a key customer? What channel would you use to announce to all employees the deadline for selecting new health-care plans? Explain your choices.
3. What are the characteristics of an effective listener? How would you rate yourself on those characteristics?

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1. Context: In the context I would assume the message is the learning environment based on the subject and the methods used to convey the lessons. The sender is the teacher who delivers the message. The message is the lesson and this is started once the student is open to the message. For example, the teacher has a lesson plan for the day. The teacher will set up the lesson and once the students are seated and ready will begin to deliver the message. Sometime the message is delivered through speech, film, presentations or testing. An oral presentation is ...

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