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    Graphs needed in excel to show hormonal events in menstrual cycle.

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    Hi, I just need help with 4 diagrams in excel in total. 2 diagrams to show the hormonal events in menstrual cycle. graph 1: say a graph that shows the levels of each hormone during the menses, ovulation and luteal phase in relation to follicle development. and graph 2: showing levels of hormones estrradol and progesterone in relation to body temperature, cervical mucus increase and endometrium development during the proliferative phase and secretary phase and perhaps a little explanation at the bottom of first two graphs where appropriate. the last graphs 3 and 4: i have attached in excel table but need it to be converted to a bar chart with labled axis. I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer regarding this matter. i was also not sure how time consuming this task would be so was not sure how many credits to place, if more time is needed i can add more credits when informed.

    There are no data for diagrams one and two just need a typical diagram as in any text book showing changing levels of hormones during the month. The first graph showing the peaks and dips of various hormones, such as estrogen exerting positive feedback on LH. this graph could also show levels of FSH, ESTRADOL , PROGESTRONE, and perhaps diameter of folicle. the second graph perhaps showing the levels of estradol, progestrone, in relation to body temperature, cervical mucus and development of endometriam during the cycle (usually in the text books this is just a drawing or outline of the endometrium at the botom of the graph. so there would be a small graph showing levels of estradiol and progestrone, underneath a small graph showing body temperature and then levels cervical mucus and underneath that a drawing of a endometrium in relation to the other graphs on top.

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