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    Using Elecrophoresis to Analyze a Plasmid Restriction Digest

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    Hi. Am looking for comments on results of an agarose gel electrophoresis lab.

    Details in the attached documents:
    1. Agarose gel electrophoresis - contains gel picture and questions with example.

    2. Laboratory Class II - contains description of lab conducted.

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    I have gone through your lab exercise and the handout you attached to this posting. I will explain the process of electrophoresis and how to determine the answers to these questions based on your gel figure provided. ...

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    This solution explains how to analyze a DNA agarose gel that depicts the results from a plasmid restriction digest. It will answer the questions; what is DNA gel electrophoresis, how do you know if a DNA plasmid was digested, how do you determine DNA yield from an agarose gel, and how do you determine the molecular weight of a DNA fragment from an agarose gel. The solution provides a picture of the agarose gel with DNA plasmid of varying sizes and an explanation of how to determine these sizes and what the differing sizes indicate.