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Restriction sites

In a restriction mapping experiment using the plasmid P (ST), you cleave the circular plasmid with the restriction enzymes Xbal, Asp718, BamHI and EcoRI individually and in various combinations with each other. You obtain DNA fragments with the following sizes:

Enzymes used size of DNA fragments (bp)

BamHI, EcoRI, Xbal 3000, 1550
Asp718, BamHI, Xbal 3000, 2500, 600
Asp718, BamHI 5500, 600
Asp718, Xbal 3600, 2500
BamHI, Xbal 3100, 3000
Asp718 6100
BamHI 6100
Xbal 6100

Using the data above, make a map of the P (ST) plasmid indicating the distances between each restriction site for each of the four enzymes.

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