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    Restriction Sites Total Length of Uncut DNA Molecules

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    You are attempting to map the restriction sites for Ecor I and BamH I on a circular DNA molecule. After conducting single digests with Ecor I and BamH I as well as a double digest, you obtain the following data:

    Ecor I BamH I Ecor I + BamH I

    fragment 1 8000bp 2500 bp 1500 bp
    fragment 2 5500 bp 2500 bp
    fragment 3 4000 bp

    What is the total length of the uncut DNA molecule?

    How many restriction sites are there for BamH I?

    Draw a diagram of the circular DNA molecule, showing the locations of the restriction sites for Ecor I and BamH I , as well as distances between them.

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    Since EcoRI gives a single fragment of 8000 bp we know that there is only 1 site for EcoRI. Therefore, the total length of the DNA molecule is 8000 bp. We can also ...

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