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    Restriction Enzyme Sites Frequency in DNA

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    How frequently in the DNA (i.e., every how many base pairs) would you find the following restriction enzyme sequences in the DNA of an organism? Assume random and equal distribution of nucleotides and a 50:50 ratio of AT:GC.

    1) Hpa II 5' -CCGG- 3'
    2) Nae I 5' - GCCGGC- 3'
    3) Fse I 5' -GGCCGGCC- 3'

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    To solve this problem, we only need to know that every nucleotide has equal probability to appear at each particular location and this probability is 1:4 because there are four different ...

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    This solution addresses the question of how often a particular sequence for a restriction enzyme appears in DNA. Specifically, we discuss how to calculate the probability for a sequence of a particular length (4, 6 and 8 base pairs) to be present in the DNA sequence.