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    Plasmid mapping: Example problem

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    A plasmid digest with BamHI produced 2 kb and 4 kb fragments. Digest of a plasmid with HindIII produced 6 kb fragment. Double digest with both enzymes produced 1 kb, 2 kb and 3 kb fragments. Draw a plasmid map.

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    I won't draw the plasmid map for you, because it's so easy to do. Instead, I'll give you step by step instructions on how to discover it for yourself.

    Here we go.

    First of all, you know that a plasmid is circular. So draw a circle.

    When we digest the plasmid with BamHI, we end up with two fragments. How can we get two linear pieces from a circle?

    We must have two cut sites. Think of it this way. A restriction enzyme is just like a pair of scissors. It cuts the circle. So, if ...

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