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    Tracing Protein Secretory Synthesis

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    Order events 1-7 so that they represent the correct sequence corresponding to steps a-g, tracing a typical secretory protein from the initial transcription of the genetic information in the nucleus to the eventual secretion of the protein of the cell by exocytosis.

    Transcription- a-b-c-d-e-f-g-secretion

    1)The protein is partially glycosylated within the lumen of ER
    2)The secretory vesicle arrives at and fuses with the plasma membrane
    3)The RNA transcript is transported from the nucleus to the cytoplasm
    4)The final sugar groups are added to protein in the golgi complex
    5)As the protein is synthesized, it passes across ER membraneinto the lumen of a Golgi cisternae
    6) The protein is packaged into a secretory vesicle and released from the Golgi complex
    7) The RNA message associates with a ribosome and begins synthesis of the desired protein on the surface of the ER

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