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protein synthesis

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If a double-stranded DNA molecule was 32% cytosine, what would be the % of guanine, adenine, and thymine?

which kinds of RNA delivers amino acids to the site of protein synthesis?

Does protein synthesis begin with the N-terminal or with the C-terminal amino acid?

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Since C and G base pair, we know that the % of C must = the % of C. Therefore, G = 32%.

Now, what % is left? Since G and C make up 64% in total, we've only got 36% left. Therefore, half of that is for A and ...

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Protein synthesis and DNA structure are investigated. The protein synthesis which begins with the N-terminal or with the C-terminal amino acid is determined.

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Ribosomes during protein synthesis

During protein synthesis, ribosomes:

a. attach to the mRNA molecule and travel along its length
b. attach to the DNA molecule and travel along its length to produce an mRNA molecule
c. translate mRNA to tRNA
d. transcribe mRNA to tRNA
e. translate mRNA to DNA

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