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    Opinion about a social or cultural condition - AIDS misconception

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    Recall a situation in which you held an opinion about a social or cultural condition. What assumptions did you make as you formulated this opinion? What facts support these assumptions? What facts refute these assumptions? After considering all of these facts, how does your opinion change?

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    One social condition in which I believe is that gay people tend to get the disease AIDS. AIDS is a disease that gay men gets most often. In fact, the California Office of AIDS reports that homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality cause about 83% of HIV infections in California. In San Francisco, 90% of HIV/AIDS cases are "men who have sex with men". Gay and bisexual men were ...

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    The HIV virus is an uncontrollable virus that lives in the bloodstream of infected person. HIV virus can be spread through the blood and semen from one person to another by having unprotected sex. HIVs virus can also spread through blood transfusion. Any contact with infected blood can cause infection with the HIV virus. HIV virus can give rise to AIDS, a disease that suppress the person's immune system. AIDS can infect everyone regardless of sexual orientation and race. The misconception about the AIDS virus is discussed in the solution.