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Organ Systems and Evolution: The Respiratory System

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The human body is composed of a number of organ systems that work together to perform all the necessary functions of the body. Each organ system is comprised of a number of component organs that work together to accomplish certain tasks. The following are some of the human organ systems.

- Circulatory System
- Respiratory System
- Urinary System

Choose one of the organ systems listed above. Imagine that you have been asked to provide an explanation about the structure and function of this system to the general public, perhaps a group of senior citizens who want to learn more about normal functions of the human body as well as health concerns.

You will be providing the seniors with an informative handout. In this handout you will cover the following topics:

Describe the general function of the system and explain how the organ system contributes to physiological homeostasis of the organism?
Explain how the organ system interacts with other organ systems in the human body.
List the organs in this system and state the function of each organ listed.
Select one representative organ in this system. Describe its structure and explain how the structure relates to the specific function of the organ. When describing the structure, include details about the types of cells in the organ as well as the types of tissues.
Name a disease associated with this organ system and explain how it affects the system and human health

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The Respiratory System

1. The respiratory system functions control the movement of air (oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases in lesser amounts) in and out of the body. Respiration also allows for vocalization.

The respiratory system contributes to systematic homeostasis by removing carbon dioxide from the system, thus maintaining an acid-base balance. The removal of carbon dioxide and inhalation of oxygen mediates the process of cellular respiration, which creates the energy (ATP ) needed by the body to function and regulate other aspects of homeostasis. In other animals, such as dogs, the respiratory system, namely panting, is used to maintain body temperature.

2. This system interacts with the circulatory system to pass gases into and out of the ...

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