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    Using Physiology to Solve a Crime: hyper-, hypo-, and isotonic solutions

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    The San Francisco Police find a dead body in the salt water of San Francisco Bay. During the autopsy, the medical examiner discovers that the cells in the victim's lungs are swollen with water. Upon hearing the evidence, you as the coroner have to choose one of the following decisions and justify your decision.
    1. The person drowned in the bay.
    2. The person was murdered.
    3. There is not enough evidence to make a conclusion.
    For discussion, what is your decision and explain why you chose a particular decision in at least 3 complete sentences. Use concepts regarding hyper-, hypo-, and isotonic solutions as part of your critical thinking on this problem.

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    The person was murdered. Drowned in sweet/fresh water and then later - when dead - placed in the Bay. His cells contain a salt ...

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    Knowledge of hyper-, hypo-, and isotonic solutions are used to solve a crime.