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    Epidermis and Integument

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    1) Approximately how long does it take for the epidermis to renew itself?

    2) What does a piloerector muscle do?

    3) What cell type produces a pigment that darkens the skin?

    4) What integumentary gland secretes an oil-like substance?

    5) Distinguish among pacinian corpuscles, meissner's corpuscles, and pain receptors in the skin.

    6) What material makes the epidermis tough?

    7) The release of heat from the body by blood vessels occurs in what main layer of the integument?

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    The cells of the epidermis continuously divide and in doing so, pushes older cells farther up towards the surface. These cells then die and are sloughed off eventually. As this is continuous, your entire epidermis population will be completely replaced over the span of approximately 48 hours.

    The so called piloerector muscles are the ones which are attached to hair follicles, and contract in order to raise hairs. This reflex is often used in order to create warm pockets of air between hair and skin, thereby insulating the skin to a certain degree, keeping ...

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    Approximately how long it takes for the epidermis to renew itself is determined. The expert determines what the piloerector muscle does.