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embryonic development

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A. During early development, a snake embryo was exposed to a toxin that interferes with normal migration and differentiation of mesoderm. Name the major structures of the integument most affected by this exposure and how each structure is affected.

b. What would be the effect of this type of exposure on the cranial skeleton of a salamander?

These areas are emphasized.

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Before we actually conclude with what would be the effects of toxin, let's first have a look at the basic events in embryonic development.
<br>The basic events of embrogeny are very similar in salamander and snake. After fertilization the zygote undergoes cleavage to facilitate the conversion of the single celled zygote into numerous cells with which the building of the body parts of the offspring can start. Blastulation prepares the embryo for shifting movements of the cells and gastrulation. By definition gastrulation is a phase of embryogenesis during which cell ...

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The basics of embryonic development are reviewed. The expert names the major structures of the integument most affected by this exposure. How it affects each structure is determined. The cranial skeleton of a salamander is given.

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