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    What is Necessary for Bodies to Live Forever

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    What are the physical changes needed in the body that would need to happen in order for our bodies to live forever. Changes such as telomerase activity, collagen flexibility, environmental changes, role of the immune system, DNA repair enzymes: these all come into play.

    Construct a brief list (not to exceed 100 carefully chosen words altogether) that will answer the above question. Number the (3) sentences (changes) so that they take the form of a list, not a paragraph.

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    First of all, the whole question is based on a fallacy, that the human body (made of flesh and blood) can even have the potential to live forever. According to the Bible, in order to live forever one needs another type of body, one that does not decay, one that cannot become corrupted, one that is not even physical, but rather spiritual.

    Nevertheless, here are some "scientific" thoughts on the matter. (I will present some thoughts for you and then you can rework it into whatever format you might need for your assignment. This is very important because we at BrainMass need to make sure we do not do homework assignments for students, but rather guide students, i.e. tutor them.)


    Telomerase, as you know, is an enzyme that adds repeated units of 5'-TTAGGG to the 3' ends of human chromosomes. This helps create a stable structure at the ends of the chromosomes so that the internal genes stay intact and so that the chromosomes don't degrade in time as each successive replication cycle occurs. So, what's the connection to "immortality"? The answer to that question is not completely known, but we do know that cells that continually divide (such as embryonic stem cells and cancer cells) have a high telomerase activity whereas cells that don't require much division (if at any) do not exhibit telomerase activity. In fact, some cell lines that have had ...

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    The solution discusses what would need to happen for our bodies to live forever (hypothetically).