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    Chromosomal inversions or deletion with human disorders

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    1. What are some examples of chromosome deletions that have been documented in humans?

    2. Name a human congenital disorder that has been attributed to a chromosomal deletion. How common is the disorder? Which human chromosome has suffered a deletion in the disorder?

    3. Find an example of a chromosomal inversion that has been documented in humans. What disease or syndrome results from this chromosomal inversion? Which chromosome suffered the inversion?

    4. Find examples of how chromosomal inversions have occurred during evolution.

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    1. Turner Syndrome is an example of chromosome deletions in which the individual is born with only one sex chromosome, an X. Other cases involve partial deletion of chromosomes. Examples include Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome caused by partial deletion of chromosome 4.

    2. Turn Syndrome is one human congenital disorder caused by one X ...

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    In this solution, detailed examples for human congenital disorders resulting from chromosomal deletion and inversion are given. Further, discussion about how chromosomal inversions occur during evolution is also provided.