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    Cause of Down syndrome and its possible remedies.

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    Choose a chromosomal disorder from the March of Dimes Foundation Website.

    Identify the disorder and explain how is it expressed in a person and inherited.

    As a parent of a child with this disorder, with which question would you be most concerned?

    How would you find the answer to your question?

    Discuss any personal experiences or news articles related to the disorder.

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    There a large number of diseases associated with chromosomal disorders but since you want it from the March of Dimes website, DOWN SYNDROME is the most common genetic disorder.

    This causes mental retardation and physical defects. The most common physical defects are small ears, broad hands with short fingers, small head and upward slanting eyes. These physical differences cause many health problems . Some of them are weak ...

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    A brief discussion of DOWN SYNDROME is given in this posting. The cause of this syndrome is the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 21 which is called TRISOMY 21.Important physical and mental defects associated with this disorder are small ears,broad hands with short fingers and mental retardation. The patients of this disease need extra care in terms of medicines,attention and emotional strength. The 2008 fundraising event of Triangle Down Syndrome Network located in North Carolina is also discussed.