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    Total number of ATP molecules produced from one molecule of maltose

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    Calculate total number of ATP molecules produced from one molecule of maltose. You will need to consider that first maltose will hydrolyze, then resulting glucose molecules will enter into glycolysis where ATP along with NADH molecules will be produced. Then resulting molecules of pyruvate enter into citric acid cycle and go all the way down to oxidative phosphorylation. Also remember that you use ATP molecules as well in glycolysis so subtract them in the calculations.

    Please guide me through the steps in details.

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    I will walk you through how many molecules of ATP are produced from one molecule of glucose. The key to remember for this problem is that maltose is a disaccharide, it is composed of two molecules of glucose. This means everything I will go through will be done twice for a molecule of maltose.

    Step 1 - Glycolysis
    Glucose first enters the glycolysis pathway which consists of 10 different steps. During these 10 steps the first thing that happens is 2 molecules of glucose are used to split the glucose into two 3 carbon molecules. Then those are converted into pyruvate while producing 4 molecules of ATP and 2 molecules of NADH. ...

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    The total number of ATP molecules produced from one molecule of maltose.