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The body Metabolism

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Involving the glycolysis, what is the net gain of ATP?

What does "net" mean?

For each turn of the Kreb's cycle, how much ATP is produced?

How many molecules of CO2 are produced?

What is the significance of stripping off high-energy electrons from the pyruvate?

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Involving the glycolysis, what is the net gain of ATP?
There is a net gain of 8 ATP molecules for glycolysis as a whole in aerobic respiration. This can be broken down into the following steps:
A. From the conversion of one molecule of glucose to two molecules of pyruvic acid, there is a net gain of two (2) ATP molecules. These 2 ATPs result from the generation of 4 ATPs in the conversion of ADP to ATP, and the expenditure of 2 ATPs in the phosphorylation of the ...

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