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    Cellular Respiration

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    1) State the key products of the Kreb's Cycle and how many of each there are starting from 1 glucose molecule.
    2) Show how each stage of cellular respirtion contributes to the total of 38 ATP from 1 molecule of glucose.
    3) State the input and output molecules of glycolysis and how many of each there are.
    4) Explain how amino acids from proteins and fatty acids from lipids in our diet can also be used in cellular respiration.

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    1. The key products of the Kreb cycle are CO2, NADH, and FADH2 ( H2O is also produced). Before 1 glucose molecule enters it goes through glycolysis and pyruvate dehydrogenase. A molecule of glucose is broken down into 2 pyruvate, and then 2 cycles of cellular respiration or TCA ...

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    The solution examines cellular respiration and the Kreb's Cycle.