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    Biomedical pathway in the bread mold NEUROSPORA

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    You are studying a biochemical pathway in the bread mold NEUROSPORA crassa that is involved in the production of the compound C. You know that compounds A,B,D,E,F are required in this pathway, but you do not know the order in which they are synthesized. In order to study this, you isolate five auxotrophic strains that cannot synthesize compound C. Each of these strains has a single mutation affecting a single step of the pathway. From the following table infer the biochemical pathway and determine in which step each auxotroph has a mutaion. ("+" represents growth of the auxotroph on minimal meduim supplemented with the compund. ("-" represents no growth of the auxotroph on minimal meduim supplemented with the compound)

    Mutants A B C D E F
    1 - - + - + -
    2 - + + + + +
    3 - + + - + -
    4 - - + - - -
    5 - + + - + +

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    This problem is giving you information to attempt to determine the steps involved in a biochemical pathway. Each step in the pathway gives a product that is necessary for the next step to occur, and the products are A B C D E and F. If you supplement the yeast with one of the compounds, then you can see if the pathway after that compound is functional.

    Let's look at the compounds one at a time. We know that C is the final step of the process because the problem tells us. Also, ...