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    What is the largest living organism and how big is it?
    A. Giant Sequoia, 389 Feet
    B. Great Blue Whale, 155 Feet
    C. Aspergillis, 4 Sq miles
    D. Armillaria; 30 acres

    Name a fungus like wildflower.
    A. Monotropa
    B. Shining Orchis
    D. Rudibeckia

    What are the 3 body forms of Lichens?
    A. Crustose, Foliose, Fruticose
    B. Mold, fungus, Lichen
    C. Mushroom, Puffball, Bracket
    D. Curly, Larry, Moe

    How do stinkhorn fungi attract spore disseminators?
    A. Taste
    B .Smell
    C. Coloration
    D. Hormones

    Why did Beatrix Potter NOT attend the reading of her paper on Lichens to the Linnean
    Society in 1897?
    A. She had learned that her findings were really bogus, Dude!!
    B. She died only 2 days before its reading
    C. She was sick and could not make the meeting
    D. She didn't have scientific credentials and wasn't allowed at the presentation

    Who first recognized the lichen as an association of two different organisms?
    A. Brown
    B. Potter
    C. Pasteur
    D. Dickinson

    Where does Pilobolus live?
    A. Dog Vomit
    B. Mule Rectums
    C. Sheep dung
    D. cow dung

    Who first published the news of the germ killing power of penicillin?
    A. Newsweek
    B. The Journal "Science"
    C. Jacob Rockerfeller
    D. Alexander Fleming

    On what was Penicillium chrysogenum discovered?
    A. A Canteloupe
    B. A Fresh Orange
    C. A Duck's Back
    D. Bread Mold

    Where does Peziza vesiculosa grow?
    A. Feet bottoms
    B. Armpits
    C. Airplane Propellers
    D. Compost heaps and on cardboard left on the ground

    What drug, made by a fungus, is crucial to the success of transplant operations?
    A. Aspergillus
    B. Cyclosporine
    C. Penicillin
    D. Streptomycin

    What was the original source of Asprin?
    A. Bread Mold
    B. Willow Bark
    C. Acorns
    D. dog Vomit Fungus

    What is the most common way of preparing the caterpillar fungus for consumption?
    A. Slice and boil for 3 hours to rid it of poison, then use as any normal mushroom
    B. DON"T it is poisonous
    C. stuff a duck with it after boiling the duck in hot water
    D. Slice and sautee in butter for 1 minute

    What are Earth Stars related to?
    A. Bracket fungi
    B. Puffballs
    C. Bread Mold
    D. Truffels

    What term means using one living organism to kill or control another?
    A. Pesticides
    B. Herbicides
    C. Symbiosis
    D. Biocontrol

    How is Ergotamine useful?
    A. Can give a person extra strength and endurance
    B. Can control many bacterial infections
    C. Give you a "High".
    D. Relieves migraine pain, stimulates uterine contraction during childbirth, and prevents hemorrhaging

    What is a Mushroom?
    A. The "Flower" of the mold.
    B. An above ground, short lived reproductive body
    C. The structure that produces the sexual spores for the fungus
    D. The structure to protect Leprechauns

    What 2 diseases can be caused by Candida albicans?
    A. Thrush, yeast infections
    B. Athletes foot and yeast infections
    C. Ringworm and Thrush
    D. Ringworm and Athletes foot

    What animals are most often used to sniff out Truffels?
    A. Cats and Dogs
    B. Dogs and Pigs
    C. Dogs and Goats
    D. Cats and Goats

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