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    Why mouldy foods should not be eaten - fungal toxins

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    Discussion of why mouldy foods should not be consumed. Includes a brief description of "Aflatoxins", as well as what consumers can do to assess the risk/benefit ratio when a mouldy food is encountered.

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    When food is mouldy it is obviously being eaten by fungi. Fungi are microscopic and so identifying them is difficult - costly microscopes and techniques for staining fungi are required. Moreover, most of the fungi we see are not displaying the organs we need to precisely identify them at the time we observe them. Under a microscope they appear as a complex of thin hyphae and some generalized asexual spore structures. Hyphal anatomy and asexual sporangium anatomy are not enough to distinguish between ...

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    Some fungi are beneficial and some produce dangerous toxins. This discusses examples of good and bad fungi in food.