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    Toxicity of compounds for health science/toxicology students

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    Explain 3 common factors that influence toxicity of compounds in people.

    Please list helpful references.

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    To help guide you along so that you can complete your paragraphs, I will provide some important points. Many of these points can be referenced here: www.eoearth.org/article/toxicity

    There are many factors that can determine/influence the toxicity of compounds in people. Remember that any substance has the ability to be toxic! Importantly, you should become familiar with liver metabolism and the idea that differences in the ability of the liver to detoxify toxic compounds will determine the toxicity of that substance. This is called biotransformation. Many of ...

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    This solution includes explanations of four specific factors of human biology that influence the toxicity of chemical compounds. Supplemental reference and other factors of included for further reading.