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    Money Back Guarantees: Good, Bad and Ugly

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    The case study scenario:
    Given all the service guarantees we see or hear on a daily bases, do these really make you feel better about the services you are paying for at the bank, restaurant, cable company or retail store?
    Give specific examples of good and bad guarantees you have encountered and at least one example of a time you had to evoke a guarantee.

    The solution provides an example of "above and beyond" outstanding customer service, along with examples of poor service where there was no honor in guaranteeing a good product.

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    Television and radio advertisements which tout a money back guarantee sound fake when followed by vast disclaimers on "exactly" what constitutes the circumstances of the guarantee. When there is a long list of criteria that must be met, as a consumer, is too difficult to receive money back if there is a problem.

    Nordstrom is definitely an organization which puts customer service first. During winter 2012, I bought a leather coat at my local store. After a few wears, the zipper would not work. I had no clue ...

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    This solution is over 100 words and provides examples of good customer service, poor service and even behavior that is highly disturbing. As consumers, it is becoming more difficult to believe in "money back guarantees" when there are so many requirements in order to qualify. This solution discusses, through examples, of when a guarantee works - and when there is simply such poor service the result is the consumer will never repeat business.