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    Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

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    Using the following youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLgJ7pk0X-s

    Please provide some insights on the 7 questions:
    1. Does a group ALWAYS need a leader to function well? Why?

    2. Is there a single, true leader in this group? If so, who is it? If so, why do you consider this individual the leader?

    3. What differentiates, if anything, this group from most others with a common goal?

    4. What might motivate this assemblage of individuals to function collaboratively and effectively?

    5. What traits do these individuals exhibit that contribute to the group's success?

    6. At what level does it appear the individuals in this group are functioning (e.g., compliance, attraction, or credibility)? Why?

    7. What, if anything, is to be learned about "leadership" based on this video?

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    1. In my opinion a group always needs a leader in order to function well and cooperate in a synchronized manner. Because there should be a leader or a "leading person" in a time frame to guide the group. However the role of leader can shift between team members. The person with an expertise for a particular profession can be a temporary leader for a certain time frame.

    2. Yes in the ...

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    The good, the bad and the ugly individual leaders are provided. The expert determines if anything differentiates the group from most other common goals.