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    "Young Girl Bathing" from 1892 by Auguste Renoir

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    From images in your background assignments, pick a work of art from this time period (1860-1910) that catches your eye. It can be one that reminds you of an event from your own life or otherwise gets some kind of emotional reaction from you. I ntroduce your report with some information about the artist, how the work you chose reflects Impressionist values, and any other information that helps us understand the work. Then explain what exactly about this work of art catches your eye and/or what events in your own life it reminds you of. Be sure to either include the image itself or a link to it in your text.

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    As you pick a piece, you might choose "Young Girl Bathing" from 1892 by Auguste Renoir. Its image is located at http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/1975.1.199

    Because this piece gives a youthful, innocent vibe, it reminds me of the carefree times in my youth when life was slow and pure. It also gives the impression of catching one stolen moment in life, freezing this girl as she contemplates a lost love, what to wear, or another casual thought.

    As an adult now who is caught within the fast pace of life and its mundane moments, I like this piece and appreciate its soft color scheme and true simplicity. It seems like it was painted with such ease.

    As you overview the painter's life, you might learn that he was French and one who was ...

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    "Young Girl Bathing" from 1892 by Auguste Renoir is discussed briefly in terms of viewer reaction.