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Intervention plan for patients

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Terra is an 11-year-old girl with moderate mental retardation and Down's syndrome. She lives with her Father, Mr. Q. Mr. Q is frustrated because Terra comes to breakfast each morning in her pajamas, with her hair uncombed despite Mr. Q's laying out her clothes the night before and leaving her brush on the sink. Terra does get her teeth brushed on her own and will wash her face when reminded. Mr. Q states that he has to get to work and Terra's not getting her clothes on and combing her hair is resulting in his being late to work three or more times per week.

Using the readings this week and any other additional sources

1) You need, design an intervention that will assist Terra and her father.
2) Discuss how Terra's developmental level must be considered in order to plan
3) And implement your intervention successfully.

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1) You need, design an intervention that will assist Terra and her father.

Consider the design on a cooperative approach that involves both the father and the daughter in learning to communicate in a productive way. For instance, the father needs to fully understand that at some level the daughter is to young and inexperienced in knowing the importance to time management and proper personal hygiene. In addition, the research should reflect in outlining the daughter's mental challenges in comprehending the need for self-responsibility, thus, Tara's decisions continuing to reflect an aloof and repetitive behavior not in compliance to the father.

Try and design a plan that hones on both the father and daughter getting up in the morning and performing every tasks needed in the morning before starting their day, such as;

1) combing their ...

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