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    Six Sigma Project

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    Please use information provide on step 1 and 2 to resolve steps 3, 4, 5.

    3) Define Phase Based on the problems identified on step two I need a Project Scope Statement and a SIPOC.

    4) Repeatability and Reproducibility System Report showing what data must you collect? Who will collect the data? How do you trust that the data is accurate?

    5) Statistical Process Control Chart. Base on the information provided in step 1 identify the type of data (variable or attribute) you have collected for the outputs of interest.

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    Below is your study guide. Note that this tutorial aims to help you write the project scope statement, construct a SIPOC, write a reliability and reproducibility system report, and identify the type of data for a statistical process control chart.

    To facilitate this, though you have stated that the information you provided is NOT the real project, I assumed that it is the real project in writing the study guide.

    Step 3
    In constructing a project scope statement, it is advisable to use a common format which I did as shown below.

    Project Overview
    In here you can describe how the project came about. In CME Wire and Cable's case, this introductory paragraph(s) can be focused on the growing financial impact of the delay in processing customers' requests for information on their orders regardless of how high the quality of the company's products are vis-à-vis its competitors.

    Another paragraph can also enumerate the target earliest start date and the latest completion date of the project. Given that you are doing a complete Six Sigma Project, these dates can be easily checked in the project management schedule (I use Microsoft Project software).

    Section I. Project Objective
    This can be written in a single sentence if you wish. For example, "To redesign CME Wire and Cable's customer order processing information system within 5 months at a cost not to exceed $1 million in order to decrease complains about information request processing delay to 5% of the total customer population."

    Or you can expound on the project's objective. For example, the cost target of $1 million, as I stated above, can be broken down into the project's major components.

    When I read the case, my initial thought is a project that would create an information system wherein a customer service representative located anywhere in any of CME's distribution center can ...

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    The expert defines the phases of six sigma projects. Repeatability and reproducibility is determined.