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Social Changes in the US

The United States has seen significant social changes in the areas of population, education, labor force participation, health, technology, and the family structure. Which area has had the greatest social changes? What has caused these changes?

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In the U.S. over the past several years some social changes have greatly impacted the population. Couples are now waiting longer to get married, due to tough economic conditions. Due to delays in getting married and in the increasing rates of divorce that come with unemployment there are fewer couples having children (Population Reference Bureau, 2011).

In education several changes have been seen in how children complete their educations. Many more children in the United States are being home schooled. Many schools have developed programs to integrate children who need special education services into regular classrooms for as much of the school day as possible. More high school graduates are encouraged to attend college to get ahead in life and many more jobs today require a college education.

Labor force participation has changed dramatically in that the shift from product to services has increased the number of part time workers and reduced the number of full time workers and jobs ...

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The solution looks at the significant social changes that have encompassed American society - their causes and effects.