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    Is monitoring the communication of employees ethical?

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    Imagine your boss has decided that all phone calls, e-mails, and other communications will be recorded and monitored. What assumptions is the boss making about the employees? Is such monitoring justified morally? Is it a good idea as a management tool?

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    It is really hard to say what exactly the boss is assuming about his/her employees. There are several possibilities. A very likely possibility is that the boss believes that the employees are being less than efficient on the job and that their productivity and work ethic can be improved by providing more accountability. Consider the fact that 20% of men and over 13% of women admit to watching porn at work. ...

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    This solution examines the monitoring of communication in the workplace. Do employers have the right to monitor emails, phone calls and internet activity of employees? Are there any ethical issues at stake? Is this form of monitoring a good idea regardless of the moral and ethical issues? Over 250 words of original text.