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Legislated Safeguards & Inclusive Communication

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1) What are some aspects of legislated safeguards against discrimination and harassment that managers and coworkers would need to be aware of in their own development of diversity skills and diversity consciousness?

2) How can use of inclusive communication strategies protect coworkers from claims of harassment or hostile work environment claims?

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Legislated Safeguards

The Equal Employment Opportunity or EEO is one of the manifestations of affirmative action taken by the government and instituted as standard employment practice across America as a policy against discrimination for the purpose of implementing full spectrum diversity. The struggle to implement full spectrum diversity in the workplace and in society is a continuous battle and as such, generates news headlines. Despite the campaign, not everyone is aware of legislated safeguards against harassment and discrimination in the workplace. I believe that managers and co-workers should be aware of legislation and rules on the following: disparate impact (http://www.eeonews.com/news/race/casedismissed.html), gender discrimination (http://www.eeonews.com/news/harassment/genderbased.html), legislation on pregnancy and parenthood (http://www.eeonews.com/news/fmla/pregnantworker.html) and legislation/issues on ...

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