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    Leadership and team work

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    What is the value of being able to shift your leadership style when confronted with different team environments?

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    The value is that you will have the potential to be a successful team no matter what. A leader must be able to work with people of all capacities and potential and in being able to do so, creates a more cohesive and effective team. When a leader is successful and able to tailor their leadership style to the members of the team, the team members in turn will be more willing to work, will cooperate better and the results and outcomes are better.

    Everyone talks about leadership but most people can't define it except in the most general terms. How many times have you heard the word charismatic coupled with the word leadership, as if they were meant to go together? Let's cut through all of this and look at some facts.

    Leadership is part of the political process because it's done using political tools. Management means moving things around on the bottom line so it comes out right. It's possible to be a manager of disaffected people. They can't play off rank entirely, nor would they choose to, because they're excited about what they see, and they want to share that vision. If your people don't get it, leaders blame themselves, not the people they're trying to lead, a sharp contrast to standard management thinking.

    Leadership is in shorter supply than management because it's a great deal more work. It also offers a greater payoff. Leaders literally revel in the accomplishments of their people.

    Here are some traits of true leaders, things for you to watch for and emulate.

    * Leaders believe that each person is valuable, able, and responsible. Real leaders see leadership as a process for empowering people to see themselves in positive ways, as competent, productive, and important.

    * Leaders recognize the potential in others that mere managers miss because leaders are looking for it. They come into leadership roles knowing that empowerment is part of the political process.

    * Leaders view themselves favorably as valuable, contributing team members, not managers. They see a field of political equals, not subordinates to be dealt with.

    * Leaders know the Golden Rule of good business. They treat people as they expect to be treated. Leaders model the respect they expect in all personal and professional interactions with others.

    * Leaders realized that each person has untapped skills that can be harnessed to achieve organizational goals, and at a profit. A leader must have the courage to look for hidden abilities, including those that other managers have written off. Leaders do this by observing, monitoring, and most important, listening.

    * Leaders empower people across the board. This means they don't play favorites. They're fair ...

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    Why and how leaders need to and can shift their leadership style when working with different people on different teams.