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    Imagine that the company you work for is expanding and restructuring. As a valued and veteran employee, you are presented with the unique opportunity of determining the type of leadership position that best suits you. Essentially, you are able to define the role in which you can most benefit the company and be the most successful.

    To determine your position, you must identify the strengths and weaknesses of your personal leadership style by applying what you learned about yourself through the self assessments.

    Additionally, compare and contrast the leadership theories in Ch. 1 (pp. 12-19), 3 (pp. 50-68), and 8 of Leadership in Organizations, and Ch. 12 (pp. 409-419) of Organizational Behavior to gain understanding of relevant theories to your approach to leadership. Describe your leadership style and identify jobs within your organization that would fit well with that style. Write your assignment in APA format.

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    // It is of Immense importance to identify the leadership style, which is characterized to a particular individual. In this paper; we will attempt to discover the leadership style inherent or borne by an individual. We will also discuss and compare the leadership theories.//

    Different people have different personalities and necessarily the leadership styles they practice or which are borne by them happen to be different. The leadership style one possesses depends upon various factors such as the team or group of employees which one has, the organizational culture and the style may possibly differ in different circumstances or say in a contingency situation.

    Considering the restructuring and expansion plans of the company, the leadership position which best suits is that of a Project Leader. Being a veteran employee all the necessary qualifications and the requisite experience in the desired and specific field is possessed namely efficient team handling, effective resolution of group conflicts and efficient achievement of goals and objectives along with the capability and ability to lead and guide the team. The Project leader Position will demand the attainment of goals and objectives or specified projects within a stipulated time period and well within the allocated budgets by the management. The position analyzes the best candidate, who can be assigned for the responsibility of a team leader, supervise and check of the daily operations regarding the project, guide, motivate the team leader as well his sub-ordinates, if required and provide assistance and training. The project leader also acts as a connection or link between the project team and the management.

    The personal leadership style is Participative or democratic leadership style. There are strengths and weaknesses associated with this leadership style. When working in a group or in a project what is best expected is to motivate the employees. Recognizing all the pains and efforts put in by the employees to achieve the organizational objectives is absolutely important. This motivation allows the workers to contribute their best for the accomplishment of the tasks. The sense of responsibility displayed by the employees is optimum under this type of leadership. These were the strengths of the participative leadership styles. This will result in the high morale of the project team and the involvement of employees for making a decision will be high (DuBrin, 2009).

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1622 words with references.