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Interview about communications

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Provided an example of a crises you experienced. Without disclosing names, explain the crisis and what transpired.

Explain a crisis and what transpired. .

Interview Questions: Please tell me about a crisis that occurred in your family.

How long ago did that happen? Tell me about communication or lack of communication.
Did someone take control of the situation?
What decisions were made or not made?

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An interview about a crisis in a family and the communication that did or did not occur.

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A year ago, my mother fell and broke her hip. For a while it was a problem because the pain in other parts of her back and leg were keeping her from getting better. Despite my siblings and my requests for an orthopedic doctor to be called in, the rehab center did not think it was necessary and my father agreed with them, since they were the professionals. My mother's other problems were under control, such as her diabetes and congestive heart failure (CHF), so she was allowed to go home, but within two months was ...

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